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About PQX Consulting

Dianne Kennedy, Editor ISO 20616; Managing Consultant

Dianne Kennedy has had a long career on the leading edge of technology innovations. Her career began as a writer/editor for the Doubleday Educational Publishing division. She went on to become a technical writer and trainer with Datalogics in the early 1980’s where she participated in the development of ISO 8879, SGML. Kennedy then launched a consultancy where she worked with leading corporations and publishers to develop standards-based publishing technology solutions.

In 2003, Kennedy joined Idealliance as the VP of Digital Technologies. There she led efforts to develop numerous technology standards, including G7. Currently Kennedy serves as technology lead and Editor for ISO 12606 Graphic technology — File Format for Quality Control Data and Metadata. As Editor, Kennedy brings a comprehensive understanding of ISO’s Print Quality eXchange to her consultancy. Using this knowledge, Kennedy is positioned to guide printers, brands and technology providers to efficient implementations of this important new ISO Standard. 


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